Our Story

Life contains many humbling experiences. For me the most humbling of all experiences occurred in March 2003. That is when the word “autism” intruded upon my world and forever altered my dreams and aspirations for my daughter, Jordynn. Jordynn is autistic. This disorder impairs her ability to make friends, express her ideas and process the world around her.

Summer 2006

Jocelynn & Jordynn Summer 2006

Siblings of autistic children are 3-5 times more likely to be afflicted with autism. At the age of two our second daughter, Jocelynn, was diagnosed with autism. She too experienced delays in speech, language, and her social-emotional development. Although not as limited as her sister, Jocelynn works very hard to overcome the challenges associated with her disability.

I cannot put into words the range of emotions that were experienced when I learned my children were different. After ten years of walking this journey I feel obligated to share our story with others. Though not easy, the classification of “autism” has not been a scarlet letter on the chest of my children. They are different – yes, but NOT less. I share our story in order to help others reach beyond autism as well. Kindly spread the word about our efforts and share with others.


3 Responses to Our Story

  1. Auntie L. says:

    My niece and nephew, I share this journey with you everyday. I feel your struggle and your pain. I also feel your joy and hope every time an accomplishment is made by them. To others it may seem small but to us it is the greatest and most rewarding feeling one can ever experience. We cry, we laugh, we hope, we pray, we ask why? but through it all we know our children are the best thing that every happened to us. So we keep fighting and advocating for them. Educating others of how to see our children in a different light because God created us all different. It is important that we bring awareness to our legislators, congressmen, senators, and our community that our children with AUTISUM ARE PEOPLE TOO. I SALUTE AND STAND WITH BOTH OF YOU SHERLOCK AND SHAEBRIE.

    Jordynn and Jocelynn you are lucky to have parents who are dedicated to make this world a better place not just for you but for all.


  2. karen barrett says:

    Awesome event and inspiring presentation, thank you. I will use this information in my meeting to update my son’s IEP. You guys are all awesome. My children really enjoyed their buddies. Making friends can be so difficult but you made it easy last night, thank you! Please include us in all upcoming events, thank you kindly!


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