Entering a New Territory – Transition

In January of 2015 Jordynn, my oldest, celebrated her fourteenth birthday. It seems like just yesterday that my husband and I were bringing her home from the hospital, and now she’s a high schooler. With the arrival of this new milestone came an increased level of anxiety that I was unprepared for. 

The source of this newfound anxiety was the realization that Jordynn had a limited number of years of services available to her under IDEA. Suddenly I heard the deafening ticks on an invisible stopwatch counting down the hours/minutes/seconds until Jordynn’s services ran out.

As I strive to navigate this new arena, I find myself refocused and re-energized. I stay up late reading and researching; I scout for webinars on the subject; I attend workshops, seminars, and conferences. All this so that I can better understand the new arena I have stepped into. Through each effort I find myself slowly untangling the maze associated with transition in the hopes of making the most of the years of service Jordynn has left so that she is prepared to successful engage in the post-secondary world that awaits her.


About ShaeBrie Dow

Life-long learner, mother, wife, educator. Dedicated to leaving the world a better place than I found it.
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