A Poet’s Debut

Jocelynn, my youngest, amazes me with her creativity. She enjoys both drawing and writing equally, and has recently been experimenting with poetry. Checkout her original poem entitled, I Am From.

I Am From

By Jocelynn H. Dow (age 13)


I am from Sherlock and Shae-Brie,

Guyana and America,

Black cake and apple pie,

And many cousins who are either “gaffing1” or clowning around.


I am from fiery food that’s too hot to handle

And sweet cakes that delight the taste buds.

I am from thick melodic accents that sing songs of my heritage

And stories of my ancestry that carry me across oceans.

I am from rhythmic drums and dance moves I study hard to catch up with.


I am from learning secret recipes from family matriarchs, from blending ingredients, from licking spoons and leaving tiny bits of cinnamon on the kitchen counter and getting flour all over our aprons.

I am from huge Christmas parties at my house with enormous cooking contests and aunts competing to make the most delectable treats that are to drool for.

I am from sonorous barks and gentle licks on hands, cheeks from two dogs named Starski and Hutch who are spoiled but humorous companions.


I am from passion, loyalty, and creativity.

I am from knowing what’s right and wrong.

I am from the Dow family.


1Gaffing – Guyanese term meaning ‘to have a conversation.’
GT US#removebarriers #reachingbeyondautism

About ShaeBrie Dow

Life-long learner, mother, wife, educator. Dedicated to leaving the world a better place than I found it.
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